CDC undertook the task of providing M&E Co-ordination for the external services to the new Energy from Waste Plant, one of the biggest projects ever undertaken by the States of Jersey in excess of £100 million.

This highly complex project involved CDC constructing a 3D model of the entire site and services which provided an invaluable tool for design and build contractors to plan their works, predicting and ultimately avoiding potential clashes and issues.Walk-through videos were created for the client as well as contractor briefs where the team could be taken via a large screen to any place on the project site for discussion and remediation.

Due to the complex nature of the project, CDC proposed the use of 3D modelling (an early form of BIMS) to model the site / building and below ground services. This decision proved invaluable to the construction team to detect and deal with conflicts before any services were installed.  A collaborative working approach was adopted and the model was extensively used to look at differing scenarios and solutions before expensive works were committed to on site.